About The Whitney Foundation

Kathryn Whitney Stephens

Share what has been given to you...

These simple words sum up the spirit of The Whitney Foundation and its founder Kathryn Whitney Stephens.


With this vision and a two million dollar endowment, Kathryn started The Whitney Foundation in 1999. In July 2000, a board of trustees was established to assist in the carrying out the true spirit of the Foundation. By 2010, when the Foundation celebrated its tenth year in service, over a million dollars had been given out in grants. Many lives had been changed and many communities served!


The Whitney Foundation seeks to support those projects that may "fall through the cracks" in traditional funding sources.


What makes the Whitney Foundation unique is the personal relationship that is established with each grantee. Our Board members work toward developing personal relationships throughout the grant process through site visits, phone conversations and personal meetings.


Kathryn passed away in 2005, but her work lives on….


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Please note that The Whitney Foundation Archive can be found in the California State University-Fresno’s Henry Madden Library Special Collections after July 2020.


Our Board

The Whitney Foundation Board of Directors is a dedicated group of individuals who understand and carry out the Foundation’s mission. They assist the Foundation in the entire grant process. The board meets quarterly for on-going grant making decisions. Board members review, interview and make site visits of projects. They also perform follow up visits to the projects that are funded by the Foundation, to ensure that the mission of the foundation is well served to its completion in every project.


Kathryn Stephens **: 2000-2004

Roger Stephens: 2000-2001

Ellen Bush: 2000-2002

Alan Gilmore: 2000-2007, 2009-2011

Denise Daggett: 2000-2007

Tom Durkin: 2000-2006

Ruth Graff: 2000-2006

Connie Mollo: 2006-2011

Marvell French: 2003-2008

Brian Ross **: 2003-2008

Bob Hand: 2008-2013

Lisa DeDapper: 2007-2012

Patty Haun Markarian: 2007-2012

Audrey Tan: 2009-2012

Dr. Richard Jennings **: 2008-2013

Kathleen Garabed: 2012-2015

Art Lopez **: 2013 to present

Dr. Don Simmons: 2013 to present

Nicole Sirak-Irwin: 2013 to present

Dr. Jenelle Pitt: 2013 to present

Barry Falke: 2014 to present

Song Vang **: 2014 to present

Peter Vang: 2015 to present